Parker Ford and Mackay prides itself on carrying a variety of frame designers and styles as well as having the expertise to help you find the one that best suits your shape, coloring and prescription needs.
We also have access to every brand of prescription ophthalmic lenses available. We are able to fit difficult and specialty prescriptions, including those for infants and toddlers, sport and swimming goggles, safety glasses and much more. Patients can rest assured knowing that they’ll have access to just what they need, including the thinnest plastic lenses and an extensive range of glass lens designs.
Our expert staff can also help you find the perfect pair of sunglasses, both prescription and non-prescription. We even carry a line of sunglasses for babies and toddlers to protect their developing eyes.
Our service doesn’t end once we’ve helped select the right frame and lenses for you – we feel the adjustment of new glasses is vital, as uncomfortable glasses can be difficult to wear and mal-adjusted frames can compromise visual acuity. For this reason, we will provide a comprehensive adjustment upon pick up and continue to provide adjustments, at no charge, as long as you have your glasses.
At Parker Ford and Mackay, all of our frames and lens coatings have a minimum one year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

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